Film Score On Demand is the personal project of Miguel Angel Conde. 

Miguel is a professional music composer and sound engineer. He works making music and songs for animations on several YouTube channels for kids, including Little Baby Bum and Little Baby Bum Junior. He is the main musicman behind KiiYii and Sidewalk Cops 2D.  He has also produced pop and rock bands and writes music for radio, TV, films and documentaries. 

Miguel has a vast musical background, which allows him to be very flexible on audiovisual projects, using a variety of styles when needed and depending on the project. He's comfortable working with electronic music, classical, pop and rock, ethnic and many others.

Skills & Experience

Over 6 years of professional experience as a music composer and audio engineer.

Songwriting: Over 500 songs, both music and lyrics (Spanish and English)

Mixing & Mastering: Over 400 mixes and masters.

Pop/rock albums: He's produced 6 albums for several bands. 

Education & Training

Conservatory: Piano, Guitar, Chamber Music, improvisation, Harmony, Counterpoint...

University: Music History, Music Analysis, Etnomusicology...

Master in Music Production: Recording, Mixing and Mastering.